13 is one of my favorite numbers. I always do everything exactly as I’m not supposed to do it. So the number 13 is for me a lucky number instead of an unlucky one. My year 2012 was pretty good already, but I’m quite sure 2013 will be even better. Not easier, I have a hard six months to go in order to get my masters degrees in June. My two main objectives are …

– on a personal level: to accept myself as the beautiful person that I am, with all my abnormalities and little quirks; to accept not only my faults (that’s the easy part), but believe in myself for my good qualities; accepting my recently discovered giftedness as an essential part of who I am, and not as something I have to be rated on by other people

– on a professional/collegiate level: trying to express myself through my clarinet playing and fugue writing instead of trying to impress others; not trying to please others by showing them what they want to see or hear, but surprising them by the strength of my own ideas; writing a dissertation that means something to me, that is truly mine, personal in every aspect, as is in fact what I was asked to do

Furthermore I have many new hopes for this coming year, and I’m pretty sure at least some of them will come true.

My main new years resolution still is to not make any new years resolutions. Just enjoy life as it comes, day by day. Tomorrow’s the first page of a 365 page book. Let’s make it an interesting one.

New Year

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