What’s the use?

I’ve been thinking…

What are my expectations about my clarinet lessons?

Well, when I finish my class, I should:

– feel like I want to start practicing immediately

– know what to study

– have lots of energy

– start to look forward to next week’s lesson

– have learned something and taken a step forward in the progress of mastering a piece

– have the feeling that it was a usefull class

Instead, I:

– don’t feel like practicing at all in the near future

– wonder why I have been studying if my effort isn’t appreciated

– didn’t really learn anything, I’m just more fixated on the things that I already knew I did wrong then before

So I ask myself:

– Why do I go to class every week?

– Is there really something I can still learn from this teacher? (and if yes, what is it?)

– How do I motivate myself to keep practicing?

– How do I see the good things and not only my faults.

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