Theory of multiple intelligences

Howard Gardner developed the concept of multiple intelligences, where he states that each person is in posses of some of the 8 intelligences. Your strongest developed intelligences define how you learn something, how you solve problems and what the type of questions you come up with are, what type of creativity you have to give to society. In total there are 8 types of intelligences, which not only include the usual intelligences tested on an IQ-test, but also for example musical intelligence.

If you define for yourself which of your intelligences are strongest developed, you can use them to give you energy and to accomplish something. You might even focus on the development of your least developed intelligences. Although intelligence ins’t something that can increase, you can train it, so you are more confident in using that particular intelligence.

Verbal-linguistic intelligence or word smart. You are ‘good with words’, you use language (spoken or written) to get to a goal. You learn new languages quite easily. You enjoy reading, writing, word games.

Logical-mathematical intelligence or number smart. You are able to use logic to analyse and solve problems and to think critically. You are good with mathematical operations and scientific research. You see the logic behind a system.

Visual-spatial intelligence or picture smart. You are good at recognizing forms and patterns and using them both two- and three-dimensional. You are strong at reading maps and interpreting graphs. You might also be a visual thinker, meaning you think in images and not in words.

Bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence or body smart. You use your body to solve a problem or to create something. You feel more at ease moving around when studying something.

Musical-rhythmic intelligence or music smart. You are good at performing, creating, or appreciating music. You have a good ‘feel’ for music and rhythm.

Naturalistic intelligence or nature smart. You are sensitive to the rhythm of the day and the seasons. You understand patterns in nature. You enjoy learning about flora and fauna.

Interpersonal intelligence or people smart. You are empathic and intuitive when it comes to ‘guessing’ other peoples emotions and desires. You feel stronger when working with other people.

Intrapersonal intelligence or myself smart. You have self-insight, you analyse your own character. You are aware of your desires, fears, and capacities and you use this information to live your life the best possible way.

I found a webpage where you can test which are your strongest intelligences. Even though I didn’t completely agree with their descriptions of the different intelligences, the chart I get as a result is more or less as I would have put it. Ther are some questions missing according to me (which is one of the reasons I don’t agree completely with the results), concerning language learning, intuition/empathy, seeing the logic in systems and sensitivity to the rhythm of the seasons.

Multiple intelligences

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