My clumsiness cost me €4!!! Last week I wanted to print the worksheet I preparated for my music initiation class. I tried to put the usb-cable of my printer into my laptop blindly. It didn’t enter. I turned it around, thinking I must have had it in my hand upside down after all. It didn’t enter. I turn it around again and look at the site of laptop to make sure that I’m really putting in the usb-connection. It still doesn’t enter. So I look at the usb and it’s totally deformed! You know, the cable is sometimes hanging on the floor. If I’m in a rush, I don’t bother to put it back in place. And yes, sometimes I stumble upon in. I usually don’t wear shoes at home, and as I’m not exactlye heavy, stepping on a cable does not do any harm, just to my foot. So I guess I must have stepped on it with my shoes on, supposedly shoes with heels. I feel really stupid. But I found a new cable at Mediamarkt, and I’m all good to print again.

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