Composing Kafka

André Laporte, the composer I wrote about in my last post, is apparently a fan of the writings of Franz Kafka, he has them all in his personal library. Some of his compositions (including the Reflections) were inspired by the ideas of Kafka, and he even wrote an opera to the story of Das Schloß, The Castle. When he told us there is a possible influence of Kafka in Reflections, I joked: “Well, then we should read Kafka.” We all laughed. But, later, I started to take my remark more seriously, and I went to the library and got the complete oeuvre of Kafka (translated, although I normally don’t read translations, but I guess the work of such an important writer will be translated quite well, and it will safe me some precious time, as in Dutch, I can read vertically, which in German I can’t).


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