Read: The Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code

As I already suggested to myself in my last “read” post, I finally read The Da Vinci Code. I seemed to remember that a few years ago it was a real hype, everyone loved it, it seemed to be the best book ever written, but when I looked up some reviews they mostly told me to not read the book, that it was a bad story and largely overrated.

I did read it. I finished it yesterday night at 2pm, so that says something already about how much I liked it. I had trouble picking it up and read, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop. I wouldn’t call The Da Vinci Code the best book ever written, but I did like reading it, it has a lot of great things, alongside some minor flaws that keep it from being a master work.

First of all I think the title is somewhat misleading. This is a search for the Holy Grail, not for some dark secret that has to do with Leonard Da Vinci. That it all starts with two of his paintings doesn’t justify the title.

Secondly the thing that disturbed me most of the story is that the whole story takes only about 24 hours and that the characters just continue as if they’re not human and don’t need to sleep. Of course, that is also the reason that you can’t stop reading, there is just no rest in the story. But still, the overall tempo of the story is too fast.

Meanwhile I don’t see the genius of the codes, and I got especially enervated when it took the main characters, professionals in code and symbology, an awful lot of time to figure out the clues. And then afterwards, Dan Brown explains the solution for the next few pages, which for me seemed to be just page filling material.

I did like the overall story, and even the writing style of the author, which is very unamerican. Recommendable for a good quick read during a warm summer weekend.

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