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Please release me

I’m busy planning my move from Belgium to Spain (in the meantime my computer also died, so that’s why I haven’t been writing). But I’m starting to get the feeling that Belgium doesn’t want it’s ‘bright young minds’ to leave the country. Exact information on what to do when you are still living with your parents and are moving to another country to study and (hopefully) work is impossible to find.

Today I have been scanning the website of the ministry of exterior business again. They tell me I have to change my status to ‘temporarily absent’ while I haven’t decided if my move is permanent. If I get a job, that status is only valuable for one year and after that I have to make a decision as to stay in Spain or return to Belgium. But as long as I study and don’t have a job, I can keep my status of temporarily absent and keep my official adress at my mother’s house.  My mum, however, called city hall, and they said that this information is not true, and ‘temporarily absent’ means that I will be cancelled from the city’s habitants list. So I’m planning to go over there and tell them they are WRONG.

Meanwhile the exterior’s website got me to the website of the  Belgian embassy in Madrid, and there I found a pdf, in which there was a part telling about how to file for a residential permition in Spain. I even found the correct forms on the Spanish exterior website to fill in and hand in at my local police station in Spain. Finally something that’s working out fine.

Now I still need a job, a moving plan, a Spanish phone number, a new computer, and the programm of the classes I took at the conservatory in Brussels translated to English and with a stamp of the school in order to not have to do filling courses like choir and history of music again.

Ugh, I wish their was a standard procedure I could follow, a plan for graduates moving away from home and their country. Maybe that’s an idea for a page on the top of my blog: How to move from Belgium to Spain after graduation. I bet no one would read it, but still, the information should be somewhere.

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This thing I was supposed to do when I got back from the sea, writing my analysis paper… it’s not going so well. I keep finding more interesting things to do. And also, I start to do a lot of things, but I never finish anything. These holidays are like limbo to me: I’ve more or less finished at the conservatory, but I’m not yet in Spain to start my new adventure. And so like every summer I sit at home procrastinating. Except that this year I really do have a lot of things I still have to take care of. Ok, so maybe the limbo thing is just to not feel guilty. But I do have this every year in summer. I like routine very much, and without routine I’m a mess. I’ll be happy when September comes (unless I never finish that analysis paper, then I start freaking out September 1).


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