From Chicago

A few weeks ago, while I was writing a presentation about the concept of melody in Stravinsky’s music, I noticed there were some essential books missing from my collection. I searched for cheap copies on Abebooks and bought a total of 7 books for 50€.  The last 3 arrived today. I went to the post office and they gave me this:

book bag

The contents of which translates to this:

Stravinsky 3

The package, which went from Chicago to Zürich to Madrid to Vigo (hence the video), was in a bag. So literally a book bag. Maybe Americans think it always rains in Europe (which is partially true, it has been raining non-stop for almost a week here in Vigo), in which case the protection served perfectly, but they could’ve done with a smaller bag (I could fit in this one).

Anyway, I’m glad all my new books have finally arrived. Look at them, my babies:

New Stravinsky

I rearranged my bookshelves to fit my new acquisitions:

Stravinsky shelf

Stravinsky (far right until the cat) and some other composers. I think it’s clear which one’s my favourite.

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