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I’m ba-ack!

Summer vacation started and the tough times are behind me. I have a lot of thing to take care of in the next two months, because in September I will me moving to Spain. I’m returning to Vigo, where I went on Erasmus exchange in 2011-2012. I will study composition at the conservatory, and I’m trying to find a job to finance those studies. And meanwhile I’ll have to study clarinet too, because I failed my master exam and will be repeating it next yeart (partly) and the year after (the other part). I almost have my master of arts in music writing, and the next weeks will be all about the fugue analysis paper I have to hand in at the end of August. I hope to be writing a lot more in the future, about my new adventures. I have a feeling next year is going to be great!

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5 days ago …

… I should have all wished you a happy new year again. Only, my year didn’t start all that happy, I had the flu. Now that I’m back, I’d still like to share two musical 2013 images which I liked a lot. The first one is from Selmer Paris, a happy new year from my clarinets to you. The second one speaks for itself, I thought it very original.

Selmer 2013

2013 ut


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Happy Holidays!

Stockhausen Christmas

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