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This thing I was supposed to do when I got back from the sea, writing my analysis paper… it’s not going so well. I keep finding more interesting things to do. And also, I start to do a lot of things, but I never finish anything. These holidays are like limbo to me: I’ve more or less finished at the conservatory, but I’m not yet in Spain to start my new adventure. And so like every summer I sit at home procrastinating. Except that this year I really do have a lot of things I still have to take care of. Ok, so maybe the limbo thing is just to not feel guilty. But I do have this every year in summer. I like routine very much, and without routine I’m a mess. I’ll be happy when September comes (unless I never finish that analysis paper, then I start freaking out September 1).


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Sea, sand, and a little sun

We went on a short holiday to Nieuwpoort (New Port), at the belgian coast. I’m not really a beach person, but luckily the weather obliged us to do other things too.

We tried spending some time with our feet in the sand the first day, but there was just a bit too much wind, so we just spent the day shopping.


And we finished with some mussels (not belgian, they’re late this year).


Still no beach weather on the second day, we went to visit Brugge (Bruges). In Flemish, bruggen are bridges, and the city is called Brugge because of the many bridges. The Spanish translation to Brujas, witches, is actually quite funny if you know the real meaning.

Brugge bruggen

Brugge water

Brugge concertgebouw

Back in Nieuwpoort the weather got better while we were away (my family used to kid that whenever I go to the beach the sun goes away and the wind begins to blow) and we still got to witness a beautiful sunset.



Our last morning we were in luck, although there was a lot of wind, the sky looked promising and we decided to go to the beach. Hidden behind the cabins to catch less wind we spent some time in the sun and than bathed with our feet in the see to cool off.


We had an Italian style lunch with very green olives.



And on our way home we stopped in Oostend (Ostend) for some more shopping, where I bought a jacket both for me and for my ereader.


I enjoyed my three days off, I did some shopping, I got some colour, and I’m ready to stop being lazy. Now that I renewed my energy, I decided that I will spend next week in Brussels working on my fugue analysis paper. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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