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Read: The Secret Supper

La cena secreta

It seems I’m into mystery novels lately. But only good ones. La cena secreta is all about da Vinci’sĀ Last Supper and the secrets it contains. Javier Sierra is not a great writer, it’s not one of those novels you can’t put down. But he did provide us with a brilliant story. The search for secret writing in the painting, the mysterious deaths, the different small stories that are all related to each other. The basics of this novel are put together very well, it’s just that Sierra’s writing style is nothing more than a dry telling of this great story.

I would recommend this book. I really liked it. But for those who don’t understand Spanish, I hope that the translator has a better feel of their language.

And I’m starting to think I should read The Da Vinci Code, as it is also about Leonardo. After readingĀ  La cena secreta I’m intrigued by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. I recognize in him a bit the person I would like to be.

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