Who is she?

She is … unique. She tried to be normal for some time, but she was still different from everybody else. Now she has learned to accept herself as she is, with all her little quirks and strangenesses.

She is …


Belgian, but becoming more Spanish every day

highly gifted, or, as described in her favorite book about the subject, extra intelligent

an Aspergirl but learning to use the term autism

an INTP in the MBTI

an observer (type 5) in the enneagram

an (extreme) introvert

a musician

a clarinetist

a composer in the bud

a musicology schollar

a coffee drinker

a book addict

a writer

a ballerina

a perfectionist

a very stubborn person

a charming young woman

She’s ready to step into the real world and do what she loves to do: LIVE!

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